Unless you are using a mobile device or smartphone or you are enjoying the latest casino software on a Mac then you will need to download the software in order to access and enjoy the games offered – and this includes both the free and real money pokies/casino games offered by the top rated online casinos. But with instant access to 100’s of the world’s best pokies and casino games and the ability to play them all free the resounding call from punters across the country seems to be

What’s the Catch?

Surely something this enjoyable – and FREE no less should come with so much fine print and clauses as to make the offer redundant in the first place? No? Yes? … Oh sorry, you’re talking to me?

dodgy-russians-say-no-catch-my-friendNo! There really is no catch because they know that the options available for players to enjoy free engaging game play allows them (that’s you) to experience the full gamut of online gambling which of course usually leads to players (like me!) forgoing the free pokies to try their (my) luck on the real money pokies – of which one enjoys an almost 10% better Return to Player Rate. Now THAT is winning

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Free Pokies? Download The Facts Here

You can download hundreds of pokies games right now for free at home. The first thing to bear in mind, before we start talking about how to download them, is safety. Every single one of the pokies we recommend is absolutely safe (virus and spyware free). They’re designed and made by Microgaming, who are the leading software developer in the world for online pokies/slots. We don’t require your email address before you access the download and there are zero costs. Install and uninstall when you like, again, risk and obligation free – meaning whether you choose to play the free pokie downloads or you decide these free online pokies are not for you – simply uninstall the online casino app (we use and recommend Spin Palace online casino) and you can access the largest range of free and real money pokies – and as we’ve mentioned a few times now, they are all a one click download away.


Free Pokie Downloads – How To Play Free Online Pokies

The image below is the dummies guide showing quite simply how to access free pokie downloads and start playing some of the best online pokies and casino games currently available.


In order to get access to the free pokie downloads and start playing from your choice of over 400 casino games and free pokies simply access the free pokie downloads bar below or click HERE to download the free online pokies software from Spin Palace, then follow the below steps:

Step 1

Once you have clicked one of the download links, your browser will ask if you want to save the Spin Palace software. Click ‘Save File’


Step 2

Save the file on your PC somewhere, and once it’s finished downloading, just open the file (or ‘run it’).

Note: Your PC may ask if you want to let this program run. Click ‘Yes’.

Step 3

See install instructions below for details on how to run the installation of the free casino software.

Your now on your way to playing a whole heap of free pokies games – enjoy 🙂 Click HERE to install the free software

Install the Free Pokies Download Software

Once you have accessed the free pokie downloads software as described above, the next step is to install the Spin Palace software and pokie games of your choice. Alternatively you can access the other top rated Australian Online Casinos and enjoy their range of free pokie downloads and real money slots that you can play once the casino software is installed

Step 1

If you haven’t already done so, open the file you just downloaded. This will open the Spin Palace Casino software, click ‘Install Casino’.


Step 2

As the program is installing, the ‘Create Account’ screen is displayed. Do one of the following:

  • If this is your first time using the free online casino software, enter your details in the fields provided and then click ‘Create Account’.
  • If you already have a Spin Palace account, click ‘Already have an Account’ in the top right of the screen and sign in with your existing details.


Step 3

The software will continue to install, once the yellow progress bar at the bottom of the screen has reached the end, your online pokies software is installed. Once installed, the app will automatically open to the main casino dashboard, and you’re ready to go.

How to Download additional Pokie Games

If you have downloaded and installed the free pokie software and are now looking to download your favourite pokie slot game just like the one you play at the RSL or casino, you’re in the right place.

The Best Free Pokie Downloads Available

This guide is written using our top rated and highest recommended online casino – Spin palace. You can also access and enjoy free pokies and casino slots from our other recommended casinos like Jackpot City and Ruby Fortune by following the banner images below. The process for accessing the free pokie downloads is the same in each instance

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Jackpot city online casino for australians - $1600 signup bonus 2




When you download and install the Spin Palace casino software, you have access to a large number of free pokies games out of the box.

Spin Palace australian online casino

To view and download individual games, follow the below instructions:

Step 1

Open the Spin Palace program that you have installed on your computer.

Step 2

Once the application opens, you are taken to the casino dashboard. Click on the Slots tab from the menu found on the left-hand side of the screen.

play free online pokies no download


Download additional Pokies

If the game you’re looking for is not available from the default list, or you just want to try out some new games, you can download additional game through the casino app.

Step 1

Open the Spin Palace program that you have installed on your computer.

Step 2

Once the application opens, you are taken to the casino dashboard. Click the Games icon at the bottom of the screen:


Step 3

From here, you can do one of the following:

  • Search for a game by entering the name of the pokie game in the top right-hand search bar
  • Browse either New Games, Classic Slots, or other Video Slots by clicking the relevant icon.



Step 4